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This newly developed light meter measures the current illuminance at its fixed sensor with a high sampling rate for a fast and accurate evaluation of the measurement results.
The easy to read LCD display is equipped with an automatic backlight, which activates in low light on a photodiode itself.
In addition to the precise measurement function, this device also offers a minimum and maximum value function, and a data hold function at the push of a button.
By the handy and robust design, this instrument is especially suitable for use in the field of occupational safety, as well as the evaluation of lighting systems in agriculture and the industrial sector or in offices.
3 1/2 -digits 10mm LCD display (max. 1999)
Automatic backlight illumination
Lux measurement for up to 200000 Lux
FC(lm/ft2) measurements up to 200000 FC
Fast acting sensors
Min- and Max measurement function
Data-Hold function
Accessories: Battery and manual
Availabilty: ex stock - subject to prior sale
Lux 0 ~ 2000/20000/200000 ; 1/10/100 Lux
FC(lm/ft2) 0 ~ 200/2000/20000; 0,1/1/10 fc
Accuracy +/-4% v. M (< 10k Lux); 5% Scale (< 10k Lux)
Sampling rate 1.5 x per second
Operating voltage 9 V-battery
Dimensions (WxHxD) 55 x 155 x 35 mm
Weight 120 g