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For organic and inorganic chemistry, this is the best available model for lecture and laboratory demonstration. The water molecule is 20" across with 2"-diam atom centers. Bonds and atom centers are color-coded. Single bonds are wooden; double bonds are flexible plastic. Female receptors for bonds are vinyl, which adheres to the bonds to hold the models together tightly. Additional atom centers and connecting bonds can be purchased separately. Includes storage box, instructions, and over 100 bonds.


-Bromine (monovalent) x 2

-Carbon (8 tetrahedron, 2 octahedron, 6 trigonal bipyramid) x 16

-Chlorine (1 tetrahedron, 2 monovalent) x 3

-Hydrogen (17 monovalent, 1 H-bond) x 18

-Iodine (monovalent) x 2

-Metal (1 octahedron, 1 tetrahedron) x 2

-Nitrogen (1 tetrahedron, 2 trigonal bipyramid) x 3

-Oxygen (2 tetrahedron, 1 trigonal bipyramid) x 3

-Sulfur (tetrahedron) x 1