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This equipment set is intended for demonstrations with the overhead projector and covers basic experiments on colour theory:

Additive color mixing
Subtractive color mixing

It is designed to allow rapid configuration and easy, safe operation. Its clear arrangement facilitates an understanding of the experiments and permits direct observation of their results. The projection plate with three mirror/lens holders is positioned on the projection surface of the overhead projector. In accordance with the projection distance, three large circles with diameters ranging between 30 and 80 cm appear on the projection screen; their images can be separated or made to intersect by rotating the mirrors and their holders appropriately. Such adjustments can be performed easily and precisely. For the purpose of colour mixing, the filters of the primary and secondary colours are simply inserted into the holder base segments. The large colour filters can also be fitted directly on the projection surface of the overhead projector for simple colour-mixing experiments. Scope of delivery: Projection plate with 3 mirror/lens holders 6 colour filters  red, green, blue, cyan, yellow and magenta (120x50 mm)