Didactical model of a single phase transformer (practical works includ

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Didactical model of a single phase transformer (practical works in English included) + set of leads 4mm.

ETM140 allows the study of a single phase transformer. It is made up with a portable console which includes:
- 1 X 140VA single phase transformer
- Primary: 230V power supply. Use: 240V protected by fuses and output on safety terminals.
-econdary: 1 x 15V/3.6A winding, 2 x 12V/3.6V independent windings, fuses protected and output on safety terminals.
- 3 displays on the primary (Current  Voltage  Power ) show the absorbed electric values.
- 6 displays on the secondary (2 x Current  2 x Voltage  2 x Power) show electric values of secondary outputs.
- 1 variable single phase autotransformer, 0-240V 2.5A output, fuses protected, with safety terminals, can supply the transformer primary.
- 1 set of ō4mm safety test leads.
Users manual includes: A theoretical study about single phase transformer and practical works with the 140VA transformer.

- Dimensions: 1000x160x180mm + handle
- Weight: 13kg
- Supply: 230V mains cable