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System for studying the start-up of asynchronous motors.
For this completely stand-alone system, all you have to do is connect it to
a 3-phase 400V mains socket. Selection of the required motor start-up
type via push-buttons at the front of the electrical cabinet:

" Direct start-up
" Star/delta start-up
" Start-up by means of starter/decelerator
" Start-up by means of a frequency converter

A 300W asynchronous motor, a powder brake and a tachometer gene-
rator are fixed directly onto the base with wheels. The power unit and the
electrical cabinet are linked together using 4mm safety leads so that mea-
surements can be taken using a hook-on ammeter or voltmeter, etc.
A key-operated switch at the front makes it possible to use the electrical
cabinet when it is switched on with the door open. In this way, a qualified
individual may take electrical measurements inside the cabinet.
A multifunction measuring unit displays the electrical quantities on the
front door. A digital tachometer shows the motor rotation speed.
A potentiometer at the front is used for varying the motor load.

" Dimensions:
Base with wheels: 750 x 670mm
Total height: 1970mm