Digital Portable Oscilloscope, 2 channels, 20MHz, <17.5 ns - Color dis

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Rise time 17.5ns
Sampling rate 100Ms/s
Bandwidth -3dB DC ~ 20MHz
Modes ±CH1 ±CH2 ±CH1±CH2 XY
Attenuation 5mV/div to 5V/div sequence 1-2-5
Input isolation CAT II . 400V Insulated of the multimeter inputs
Input impedance 1M©/20pF
Coupling AC - DC
Shifting the zero ±50V (cal 500mV to 5V) ±1V (cal 5mV to 0,2V)
Maximum input voltage 400Vrms
MAIN TIME BASE 5ns/div to 100s/div sequence 1-2-5
ZOOM ON THE WINDOW Choice of the window, zoom in the window as far as 5ns/div
TRIGGER Auto., normal, single, edge ‘“, video
Coupling DC, AC, HF, LF
Trigger signal CH1 or CH2. Video line/frame
Pre-trigger 655 divisions
Post-trigger 4 divisions
ACQUISITION MODES Refresh  Crest  Average (4  16  64 - 128) 
Adjustable persistence (0-1-2-5s and )  Roll.