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The Ecolab box is a veritable mobile laboratory for carrying out water, soil and air experiments out in the field. Thanks to the special case, you can detect and measure the most important substances that have an effect on our environment. The high quality, stable case lining is water-resistant and is very easy to clean. The case and the linings are made of 100 % pure recycled polypropylene. An adjustable carrying belt for use when out and about - on a bicycle for example - is also provided. It is particularly suited for environmental groups and schools (for pupils aged 12 and above).

The ECOLAB BOX can be used to test the following parameters (there are enough reagents for measuring these parameters for 50 experiments):

" pH values in water, from pH 3 to 9 " nitrates in water, 10 to 80 mg " ammonium in water, 0.05 to 10 mg/l " phosphates in water, 0.5 to 6 mg " nitrites in water, 0.02 to 1.0 mg " total hardness in water, 1 drop = 1įdH " (German hardness scale) " pH values in soil, from pH 3 to 9 " nitrates in soil, 10 to 80 mg/l " phosphates in soil, 0.05 to 6 mg/l " ammonium in soil, 0.05 to 10 mg/l

The reagents used to determine the above parameters do not pose any disposal problems! This still applies if the reagents have to be disposed of without being diluted, or are disposed of with the sample solution. This is because all the reagents are in water hazard class 0!

The ECOLAB BOX contains other important experiment tools for working outdoors or in the classroom:

" Colour chart for determining the values of each individual parameter " Filtration stand for carrying out filtration safely in the case " Magnifying glass for recognising small living organisms more easily " Special tweezers to look at small living organisms without harming them " Water-resistant DIN A 4 underlay for biology experiments " Filtration paper for making soil extraction solutions " Funnel, 1 for each work and test flask, 100 ml and 250 ml " Graduated beaker and plastic pipettes .