Magnetic field of paired coils in a Helmholtz arrangement - PHYWE - P2430301

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The spatial distribution of the field strength between a pair of coils in the Helmholtz arrangement is measured. The spacing at which a uniform magnetic field is produced is investigated and the superposition of the two individual fields to form the combined field of the pair of coils is demonstrated.


To measure the magnetic flux density along the z-axis of the flat coils when the distance between them alpha = R(R = radius of the coils) and when it is larger and smaller than this.
To measure the spatial distribution of the magnetic flux density when the distance between coils alpha = R, using the rotational symmetry of the set-up: a) measurement of the axial component Bz; b) measurement of radial component Br.
To measure the radial components Bīr and B"r of the two individual coils in the plane midway between them and to demonstrate the overlapping of the two fields at Br = 0.

What you can learn about

Maxwell's equations
Wire loop
Flat coils
Biot-Savart's law
Hall effect"