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Function and Applications

Basic set allowing the performance of 28 experiments about the following topics:

Electric Circuits (8 Experiments)
Electrical Resistance (8 Experiments)
Electrical Work and Power (1 Experiment)
Tranformation of Energy (1 Experiment)
Electrochemistry (6 Experiments)
Safe Working with Electrical Energy (2 Experiments)
Sensors (2 Experiments)

Complete equipment set: simple execution of the experiments
The equipment is stored in a rugged, stackable and compact box, allowing quick control of completeness (foam insert)
Experimenting literature for pupils and teachers available: minimal preparation time
Matched with international curriculum: all topics are covered
The circuits are assembled directly on student's desk and the safe electric contact is guaranteed by the use of a unique puzzle block system with corrosion-free gold plated contacts. No breadboard is required.
Rugged -PUZZLE- blocks featuring contrasted screen-printed electric symbol on top
Easy teaching and efficient learning by using the interactive experimentation software interTESS
Equipment and Technical Data

The equipment set consists of all necessary components for the experiments
Robust, stackable storage box with a foam insert fitting to the contained equipment