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Single beam visible spectrophotometer covering 325  1100 nm
Save data on a USB memory stick and analyze results later
Test tube and heated cell holder accessories are available
PVC (Print Via Computer) software included to allow data transfer to PC from the instrument
It measures absorbance, % transmission and concentration as well as simple kinetics. The large display allows the user to view results in numerical value as well as a graphical view. The user can view the peak, zoom in and out all on the unit.

Up to 72 methods can be stored providing the user a quick and easy way to recall frequently used methods. These methods can also be locked using a pin protected password, as well as unlocked and deleted.

The S4+ provides the ability to label your sample for easy identification. Your sample can be measured in a test tube using the optional test tube cell holder accommodating test tubes that are 10 to 18 mm in diameter. A heated cell holder is also available for thermostatted measurements at 37įC.

Technische gegevens:
Lamp Wolfram
Optiek Monochromator
Golflengtes 325 - 1100 nm
Bandbreedte 7 nm