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Main subjects:
Energy / Power / Robotics

Project-Based Learning  Focused on Standards

The fischertechnik STEM program meets Common Core Standards for Math, Reading and Writing as well as the National Science Education Standards, and standards of ISTE, ITEEA. This program can easily fill some months of class time and engage students in the study of Applied Physics with a systems approach to Electronics, Control and Sensing. Tom White, Program Creator

Project Themes:
Sketching and Documentation / Introduction to Energy and Power / Energy Conversion Systems / Conversion and Storage of Energy / Simple Machines / Mechanisms / Basic Electricity / Introduction to Control Systems / Human & Machine Collaboration / Introduction to Sensors / Robotics

> Incl. CD with ROBO Pro control software and extensive STEM tutorials
> Incl. fischertechnik Controller and Accu Set (charger with rechargeable NiMH battery)

> Incl. most of the fischertechnik sensors and actuators and lots of fischertechnik building components to build lots of STEM KIT models