System for tunnel ventilation regulation, with PC supervision, speed v

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Features of the unit
- Wheeled frame 750x670mm
-Total height: 1870mm
- Powered by a 400V three-phase hypra socket
- 1000VA Fan, 96m3/min maximum flow rate,
- 400V 3-phase, Ų 400mm.

Proposed Practical Works
- PLC programming
- Loading, modification, creation of a supervision program
- Ethernet network configuration
- Analysis of the regulation
- Studying, putting into service, getting started and setting
of the system
- Understand the setting and the programming by PLC
- Understanding and use of a supervision
- Practical approach of analog inputs


Features of the unit
-Wheeled frame 750x670mm
- Total height: 1870mm
- Powered by a 400V three-phase hypra socket
- 1000VA Fan, 96m3/min maximum flow rate,
400V 3-phase, O 400mm.

TA11 is a study system used to regulate the CO2 level in a motorway
tunnel. It consists of a fan for air renewal and an electrical cabinet grouping
the regulation system components. The cabinet and fan are placed
on a wheeled frame and connected by a 5m cable.
Complete unit supplied ready for operation with monitoring.
The PLC is supplied as well as the monitoring program
and wiring diagrams.
Are also supplied: The Teachers/Students tutorials on PLC programming,
monitoring, the Ethernet network, analogue regulation.

On the cabinet's door, a potentiometer simulates the CO2 level in the
tunnel. Depending on the CO2 level, the PLC controls the fan”¦s rotation
speed and plans the access to the 4 traffic lanes represented by 8
indicator lights positioned above the cabinet. A stand-alone fire sensor
indicates there is a fire in the tunnel An electronic buzzer warns that the
CO2 level is too high. An anemometer fixed in the fan's air flow controls
the rotation. This regulation system is PC monitored via the SchneiderR
software supplied.

The main cabinet components
- 1 SchneiderR PLC
- 1 2.2kW speed controller
- 1 analogue card controls the 4-20mA or 0-10V speed controller
- 1 Ethernet card is used to connect the entire system to an IP
computing network such as, for example, the establishment”¦s
network to monitor operations from a remote computing room.
- Controls on the front of the door:
General Start/Stop button
Emergency stop
CO2 level potentiometer
Fan Start/Stop button
Potentiometer for the fan air flow
Warning buzzer if excessive CO2 level
RJ45 connector for the PC link
Electrical protective devices for users and equipment.

Monitoring functions on the PC screen
Display on digital displays and by curves
- CO2 level and air flow in the tunnel
- number of open or closed traffic lanes
- presence of a fire in the tunnel
- controls access to each traffic lane
-regulates the fan air flow
-triggers the fire alarm
-select the Auto or Manual operating mode